Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Skilling in Sultanate of Oman

Our Approach for AI Trainings
  • Developing business and institutions using smart solutions. 
  • Contribute to the development and operation of secure database using AI techniques. 
  • Creating training programs for the industry and qualification of expertise in smart technology

Microsoft professional program for Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence Skilling Process Building the Foundation – Classroom Trainings on Azure Certifications
Microsoft Professional Program (MPP)
AI Certified

Artificial Intelligence Classroom Trainings leading to Microsoft Certificates.

  • Azure AI Engineer Associate
  • Azure Developer Associate
  • Azure Admin Associate
  • Web App Builder
  • Azure Solutions Architect

2. Microsoft Professional Program for Artificial Intelligence
The AI track takes aspiring AI engineers from a basic introduction of AI to mastery of the skills needed to build deep learning models for AI solutions that exhibit human-like behaviour and intelligence

  • 10 Individual Courses
  • 10 Individual Skills
  • Blended Learning – Classroom Training , followed by eLearning
  • Certificate – Microsoft Certificate of Completion
  • Duration – 12 to 48 hours per course
  • Overall Duration for Achieving the Certificate – 3 to 6 months

3. Microsoft Professional Program (MPP)
The Microsoft Professional Program was created to help you gain technical job-ready skills and get real-world experience through online courses, hands-on labs and sessions, and expert instruction. Proving you have these skills can put you on the path to a rewarding career.