HSE Policy


Oman Technology Institute Safety Policy fully recognizes the importance of Safety, health, Welfare Morale of all employees & trainees and also for ensuring a safe and healthy working environment at all the time. In accordance with CLIENT health, Safety and Environmental General Instructions.

To establish high standards of safety. All personnel from Management Staff and below shall comply with the safety rules and regulations and also the following code of conduct for safety laid down by the client.

Ensuring a systematic approach to the identification and assessment of risk for all aspects of the business and activities.

We shall have a proactive management system for reviewing periodically various objectives and targets related to HSE.

Meeting in all respects of the applicable statutory requirements.

Comply safety rules and regulations and to eliminate all unsafe activities.

Allocation of suitable and sufficient resources to control risk.

We shall endeavor to conserve all natural resources and minimize the use of hazardous material.

We shall train and strengthen awareness among all employees and trainees with their active cooperation.

We shall ensure good Environment, Safety and Health of employees, trainees, stock holders, consumers, vendors and other concerned individuals directly involved with the business operation.

We shall communicate this policy to all employees and make it available of public and interested parties.