Chairman Message

We at Oman Technology institute consider ourselves a destination for training. We are committed and strive to guide and develop our trainess to reach their full potential in their chosen profession and therefore enhance the development of Oman. We are proud to be working closely with government and private sector and it is our mutual goal along with our competent and professional staff to train and equip young Omanis to enter the workforce and to further develop skills of those already in employment.


We strive towards equipping young people to meet the challenges of the employment market by providing effective training programs that deliver skills and experience required by our clients in both public and private sectors. We are well aware that we exist for our trainees and do our very best to provide a most friendly and growth oriented ambiance for them. We do everything in our capacity to ensure excellent standards that would secure them leadership positions in tomorrow’s challenging world. To create the perfect environment for human and academic excellence, with an openness to learning, research and the development of professional skills.


We in Oman Technology institute aim to be a center of excellence through the process of self-evaluation and continual renewal in all our endeavors, namely learning, training, research, consultancy, contact center and other related services, as well as to develop a long term ‘Partnerships with Clients’ and offer Training, Employment and Career opportunities to Omani nationals

Our Clients



  1. City & Guilds – UK
  2. British Council
  3. CBP (Certified Business Professional)
  4. The International Business Training Association, IBTA